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Box o’ Books for You and Your Library

Read It Forward loves libraries, and we know you do, too. So we're giving away boxes o' books - for you AND your local library!


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We’re celebrating Library Card Sign-up Month and encourage you to visit your local library to enjoy special activities between now and the end of September. And by all means, if you – or your kids – don’t yet have a library card, now is the perfect time to get one.

In the meantime, enter for a chance to win and show your library some love! Enter your info and the name of your library below. We’ll select five winners at random and will send them – and their local library – an assortment of fabulous books. Complete rules.

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  • Tiffany Harkleroad

    I have 3 library cards, which allow me to access libraries in 3 different counties in my area. I am an overzealous library supporter!

    • Kira, editor @ Read It Forward

      Tiffany, you are a rock star Super Patron! Wow!

  • Cindy Bell-Deane

    Former YA library assistant I would love to help out our library at this time of economic disturbances for all

  • Susan topor

    Thank you for doing this! I volunteer at our library and know how much your contribution would be appreciated.

  • Iamlisa22

    What a great opportunity to support the local library! Thank you

  • Luv Harper

    What a great opportunity to support the local library, especially considering that they cut government funding to most of them.

  • SB31632

    What a great idea!!! Our biggest problem, as a reading club that meets at our local library that we can rarely get enough books to go around. In fact, the last two selections we were only able to 1 copy of each book. If I hadn’t had copies of my own to share or some members use ebooks, we couldn’t have discussed anything.

  • Dragin’

    I love this and like supporting small town public libraries.

  • Booklynne

    Our library was severely flooded by Hurricane Sandy and thousands of books were lost. After nearly a year we are finally reopening. A box of books would be a great contribution!

  • Deepa

    I grew up in a developing country without many libraries and am grateful every day for the fantastic library system we have in the Twin Cities. I can use my library card everywhere and I do, checking out materials from different county libraries as well and Minneapolis and St. Paul. Hooray for libraries!

  • BookLady

    My daughter is a branch librarian and I know she is always wishing she could add to the collection but the library budget is so tight with so many wanting so much. Maybe she will get a big surprise.

    • Kira, editor @ Read It Forward

      Fingers crossed for your daughter, BookLady!

  • Kelly

    Next week, we are celebrating Banned Book Week at the Tipp City Public Library!

    • Kira, editor @ Read It Forward

      We’ll be celebrating here, too, Kelly! What do you have planned at TCPL?

  • bethiebiker

    This is the coolest contest ever!

  • Chrystal

    Thanks so much for this give away! Helping libraries is a wonderful thing!

  • SileeLamb

    What a wonderful idea to help out public libraries. Thank you so much :)
    Just an idea – how about a children’s box-o-books give away to a school library?!

    • Kira, editor @ Read It Forward

      We love that idea and will talk with our friends in the children’s side of book publishing to see if we can make that happen!

  • Karen Prince

    Great idea to help out the libraries. Thank you so much.

  • Alice Smith

    What a wonderful idea to help out public libraries. Thank you so much :)

  • Cherie Serjeant

    It would be absolutely wonderful if i could give a gift like this to my library. I would go insane if they ever closed all the libraries!!!

  • S Reddom

    Love this –can really help in local Literacy projects too…also could link to food banks, and local charity shops where folks in need can be found…reading is for everyone and we need to support and encourage it whenever and wherever we can! Keep up this great work!

  • Lucy

    What a great contest idea! Thanks for the ‘chance’ to win. Wonder if you might consider a Teen/YA box-o-books give away? It could be great way to ‘reward’ the teens who participate in Teen Advisory Board groups! :-)

    • Kira, editor @ Read It Forward

      Lucy, you’re not alone! Other RIFers have told us they’d love a children’s/YA giveaway. We’re talking with our publishing friends to see what we can pull together. Thanks for the feedback, and stay tuned!

  • @mimigtr

    I am disabled and live in a small town. I try to contribute what I can to our Friends of Library program, but I know with their limited budget, that they could certainly use such a wonderful gift.

  • Kelly R. Baker

    This is such a wonderful idea. I would absolutely love to add these to the books I already have and then I would pass these on to other people for free. This is an awesome idea. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to win these books and also thank you for the opportunity for our library to have these books also. Good luck everyone!

  • Marie Dexter

    This would be so great for a small library like the one in my town. What a great idea! Thank you for the chance to get this gift for them.

  • Kelly L

    What a wonderful contest! There is never enough money in the book budget to buy all of the books that the library would like to have, so this a wonderful opportunity to get some books for the collection

  • ec_pearley

    Super cool idea to help out public libraries! Love it! Thank you so much!! I also like SileeLamb’s idea of a give away to a school library. (But I could be a little biased since that is what I do for a living.) 😉

  • Jenn

    This is a wonderful idea. We love our local library and this is a great way to help them out.

  • Alexandria

    This is a great idea.I wish i would win for my library in the bronx they really would love it and need it !! thank you

  • June Gurvich

    Thank you for being there and giving us this wonderful opportunity.
    My Book Group is THE TORONTO INTERNATION FILM FESTIVAL (tiff) where we read a book, see the film, have a Q & A following the screening and then twice a month we meet to discuss the book in a small select group.

    • Kira, editor @ Read It Forward

      I want to be in your book group, June! Ha. Too bad I live thousands of miles away … that’s a really wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.

  • dwilliamslibrarylady

    I work with two libraries our local branch library, and our Middle school library. It would be fun to bless either one, or both!

  • Kathy

    Great idea…with budget cuts all over libraries can use the help! Plus. I would never say no to a box of books…the best surprise box ever!

  • snibaker

    I live in a little town of 350. We started our own lending library in an office of the bank. People donate books they’ve already read and anyone can borrow them. You don’t need a library card. They trust you to bring back the books when you’re done with them!

    • Kira, editor @ Read It Forward

      That is the most inspiration thing I’ve read all week! Thanks for sharing, and bravo!

  • Ginger Burns

    I would love to win this for our public library because a lot of the books there are very old and it would be such a big help to them out.

  • Teresa

    Wonderful initiative! How about giving ‘a box-o-books’ to homeless shelters??

  • Pat Mattes Mazzei

    Great idea. Our library is now having a book sale. I almost single hand support them when I get to the sale. LOL

  • Michelle Willms

    This is such a great idea. Our library is very small, though there are several thousand who live here. It seems we get looked over for everything since there is a larger library 25 miles away that people forget isn’t convenient to children with parents not willing to cart them there and who don’t have a love of reading or for those who lack transportation. Its very frustrating.

    • Kira, editor @ Read It Forward

      Our pleasure, Michelle. Does your library lend eBooks? I know that’s tough with kids books, but I live in a small town, too, and our library just started up with eBooks. It’s amazing!

      • Michelle Willms

        I don’t think so. The larger library might. I doubt our small library even has any ebooks.

  • Lauren Jenkins

    Love it! Thank you.

  • Liz P

    What a great way to help public libraries! How about a box-o-books for Senior Centers?

  • jbarr

    Thanks for the chance, books are my world,

  • June

    This is a wonderful way to share new books with many people! My book club donates many books to our library for its annual sale but it would be great to be able to provide a box of new books. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

    • Kira, editor @ Read It Forward

      My book club does that, too, June!

  • J Guarino

    What an opportunity. Thank you. I am on the board of our Friends of the Library. We were just recertified last year, which means we now again have access to books in all of the libraries in our network. No one knows until it happens to you what the loss of access means–if your library does not have the book you want and another one does, you cannot borrow. And of course being able to borrow a book from a library means so much because, of course, individuals cannot possibly buy all of the books that they want. It also gives an opportunity to sample a book before deciding to buy it.
    Also, one of our board members is a 2nd grade teacher, and she tells her students about the library, brings them to the library on a field trip, and also suggests that they get a library card.
    Again, thank you for this opportunity.

    • Kira, editor @ Read It Forward

      Wonderful! It’s a pleasure to connect with readers like you who take an active role in your library. Thank you, on behalf of your community, for making a difference!

  • DebbieSad

    Awesome idea!!

  • Suzanne Yester

    What a great idea! Love the idea to promote our libraries!

  • Ellen

    I’d love to help out our library. I just renewed my library card today! So did my husband! I also think childrens’ books would help out the public library. As a former teacher, I used to order book boxes from the public library which contained books within an appropriate reading range for my current class. It increased our classroom library, they came once a month, and we also used them for learning genres.

  • Darlene Thompson

    Oh I love books!