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The Enduring Relevance of Othello

Tracy Chevalier on why she set her modern adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy on the school playground.

By TRACY CHEVALIER • 3 months ago
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5 Books About Other Kinds of Mothers

Gina Sorell, author of Mothers and Other Strangers, explores complex mothers in fiction.

By GINA SORELL • 3 months ago
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7 of the Least Self-Aware Characters in Literature

Psychologist Tasha Eurich analyzes classic literature's favorite head cases.

By DR. TASHA EURICH • 4 months ago
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8 Books You Should Make Your Dad Read

Scaachi Koul's advice for dads: Don't get on Twitter, and read these books.

By SCAACHI KOUL • 4 months ago
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Nicole Lapin’s Bookshelf

The author of Boss Bitch reveals the books that inspire her to be a total boss.

By Nicole Lapin • 4 months ago
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David Mark’s Writing Space

The author of Cruel Mercy invites Read it Forward into his writer's lair.

By DAVID MARK • 4 months ago
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Alex Cavoulacos’ Bookshelf

The co-founder of the popular career website shares the biz books she turns to for advice.

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I’m Not My Main Character (I Swear)

Unreliable author Lee Irby may be a professor like his protagonist, but he's not a killer.

By LEE IRBY • 4 months ago