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Marisa Silver’s Writing Space

The author of Little Nothing gives Read it Forward a peek into her seaside-inspired office.

By Marisa Silver • 4 months ago
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Jennifer Niven on Writing About Facial Blindness

A novel about seeing and being seen.

By JENNIFER NIVEN • 4 months ago
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Downsizing My Library for My Tiny House

How do you decide which books belong in your life?

By DEE WILLIAMS • 5 months ago
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The Soundtrack of my Memoir

After losing her job, her girlfriend and her mother, Barbara Schoichet got her motorcycle license at age 50 and hit the road. These are the songs that spurred on her journey and informed her memoir.

By BARBARA SCHOICHET • 5 months ago
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The 25-Year-Old Millionaire’s Bookshelf

Brian Wong, co-founder and CEO of Kiip, shows us the books he reads when he needs a dose of business savvy.

By Brian Wong • 5 months ago
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The Authors (Dead and Alive) at my Ideal Dinner Party

Shari LaPena, with the help of a Ouija board, brings eight of her favorite authors to the table.

By SHARI LAPENA • 5 months ago
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Still Here author Lara Vapnyar on the struggle to have it all.

By LARA VAPNYAR • 5 months ago
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When Fiction Imitates Life

There's a fine line between memory and memoir.

By KACIE DAVIS IDOL • 5 months ago