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Our Cultural Obsession with Missing Women

Why are there more "gone girls" than "gone guys"? David Bell, author of Bring Her Home, explores.

By DAVID BELL • 5 months ago
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On Lying and Auto-fiction

Refuge author Dina Nayeri writes about using her own life—and parents—as inspiration for her fiction.

By DINA NAYERI • 5 months ago
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Match the Famous Author to their Pet

Author and illustrator Rowan Hisayo Buchanan creates a matching game with writers and their animal muses.

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How to Choose the Best Wine for Book Club

Marissa A. Ross, author of Wine. All the Time., tells us how to find a wine everyone will like—even if they hated the book.

By MARISSA A. ROSS • 6 months ago
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The Price of Inheritance

Susan Rieger, author of The Heirs, ponders the steep cost of the dangling inheritance.

By SUSAN RIEGER • 6 months ago
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7 Modern Austen Adaptations

Hillary Manton Lodge, author of Jane of Austin, on her favorite reinterpretations of Austen's work.

By HILLARY MANTON LODGE • 6 months ago
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5 of the Quirkiest Characters in Literature

Gail Honeyman, author of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, reflects on some of her favorite idiosyncratic characters.

By GAIL HONEYMAN • 6 months ago
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12 Songs to Pull You Out of Your Despair Spiral

To celebrate the paperback of Party of One, former MTV host Dave Holmes made us a much-needed playlist.

By DAVE HOLMES • 6 months ago