Seven Books of Poetry You Can Enjoy, Even if You’re Not a Poet-Person

Read these and we think you'll agree that poetry doesn't have to be intimidating.

Even people who love to read are sometimes intimidated by poetry. Poems, to people who don’t read or write them, can feel like little coded messages intended to confuse others. In short, reading poetry requires more effort than people would like to put in. But it doesn’t have to feel like such a struggle. When readers approach poems with curiosity and openness, they’re usually pleasantly surprised. Here are seven books of poetry that non-poetry readers can enjoy.

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About Brittany Goss

Brittany Goss

BRITTANY GOSS is a reader and writer living in Brooklyn. Her creative work has appeared in Confrontation, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Joyland Magazine, and Bellingham Review, among other places. Follow her on Twitter at @blgoss.

  • My daughter is reading Our Numbered Days by Neil Hilborn. She’s a college kiddo and her drama teacher recommended it. I looked through it, not my cup of tea but she’s happy with it 😉

    Happy Reading and if you know of any early chapter readers come on over to my blog and message me for a free download of the book.
    Coraline Grace

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