3 Real Books, 1 Fake: Jennifer E. Smith

Watch Jennifer E. Smith, author of Windfall, guess which book title is the fake one.

By • 4 days ago

The Price of Luxury: 18 Books about Capitalism and Clothes

Barbara Bourland, author of I'll Eat When I'm Dead, shares what she read while writing her forthcoming murder mystery set at a fashion magazine.

By BARBARA BOURLAND • 5 days ago
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Trigger Warnings in Historical Fiction

There are no safe spaces in the world of ideas. For author Jonathan Rabb, that’s the whole point.

By JONATHAN RABB • 6 days ago

Exclusive Cover Reveal for Chloé Esposito’s Debut

This "compulsively readable" novel is the first in a trilogy: Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know.

By • 7 days ago

Six Picks: Debut Novels

There's nothing like your first time...publishing a novel, that is! RIF editors Abbe and Emma discuss six favorite debuts.

By • 2 weeks ago
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Writing in a Foreign Language

Author Anna Lawton on writing her novels in English, rather than in her native tongue.

By ANNA LAWTON • 2 weeks ago

Paula Hawkins Announces Her U.S. Book Tour

The Girl on the Train author reveals the cities she'll visit to promote her next novel Into the Water.

By • 2 weeks ago
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Novelist Sarah Dunant Corrects the History Books

The author of In the Name of the Family rectifies and rewrites Lucrezia Borgia's bad rap.

By SARAH DUNANT • 2 weeks ago