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How To Pack If You’re A Book Lover

Hitha Palepu, frequent traveler, packing whiz and author of How to Pack, tells book lovers the best way to read on-the-go.

By HITHA PALEPU • 2 days ago

7 Recent Thrillers that Rival Gone Girl

Searching for that next great twist? These compulsive reads are sure to do the trick.

By • 7 days ago
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A Conversation with Jensen Karp

The rapper/author riffs on growing up as a hip-hop aficionado and recording with rap’s biggest names.

By • 1 week ago

How Sex is Changing on College Campuses

In this excerpt from her book, Blurred Lines, Vanessa Grigoriadis offers advice on how schools, students, and parents can make college a safer, richer experience.

Author Interview

A Conversation with Yochi Dreazen

The author of The Invisible Front discusses the ripple effects of PTSD and military suicide.

By • 2 weeks ago
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Jessica Brockmole’s Favorite Books About Friendship

The Woman Enters Left author shares a shelfie of her fave friendship reads.

By JESSICA BROCKMOLE • 2 weeks ago
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How Writing Helped Me Recover From a Stroke

Author Jon Kerstetter shares how writing his memoir, Crossings, was a form of therapy.

By JON KERSTETTER • 2 weeks ago

7 Books for the Artist in You

These books reveal the delightfully messy road artists and musicians take in order to make their art.

By KAYLA RAE WHITAKER • 3 weeks ago