What I’m Reading: Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton, author of She Persisted Around the World, shares three children's books that inspire her and her family.


Women around the world have always dreamed big, even when they’ve been told their dreams didn’t matter. They’ve spoken out, risen up, and fought for what’s right, even when they’ve been told to be quiet.

Chelsea Clinton’s book, She Persisted Around the World, introduces readers to a group of thirteen incredible women who have shaped history all across the globe. As the Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, Chelsea makes it her mission to help empower the next generation of leaders, which will undoubtedly include smart, determined women like the ones in her book!

Watch the video below to see what books Chelsea loves reading and sharing with her kids.

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CHELSEA CLINTON is the author of several books including She Persisted Around the World: 13 Women Who Made History. She is also the Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, where she works on many initiatives.
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