Judge A Book: The Tea Planter’s Wife by Dinah Jefferies

Watch as these ordinary people try to tell us the plot of this book based solely on the cover.

Judge A Book

Papercuts—Read it Forward’s video team—spent a beautiful fall day asking passersby at the Brooklyn Book Festival if they could identify the plot of Dinah Jefferies’ novel The Tea Planter’s Wife just by looking at the cover image. It’s harder than it looks—especially when we told them they couldn’t read the synopsis on the back of the book! Watch their guesses below (arranged marriages! tea smuggling!) and stay tuned til the very end when author Dinah Jefferies tells us what The Tea Planter’s Wife is *actually* about.

Pick up a copy of The Tea Planter’s Wife today and see how close these guesses got!

DINAH JEFFERIES was born in Malaysia and moved to England at the age of nine. She worked in education, lived in a commune and exhibited work as an artist before deciding to follow her dream of becoming a writer after losing her retirement fund in the financial crash; to motivate herself, Dinah stuck Post-its around her house saying ‘you will write a bestseller!’ Dinah Jefferies is the author of three novels, The Separation, The Tea Planter’s Wife – a Number One Sunday Times bestseller – and The Silk Merchant’s Daughter. She lives in Gloucestershire.
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