8 Great Questions with Jennifer Ryan

The author of The Chilbury Ladies' Choir talks books and gives us a jolly good show.

Jennifer Ryan

The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir is undoubtedly one of our favorite books we’ve read so far in 2017. The novel takes place in the little English village of Chilbury during WWII. All the men have gone off to the front lines, leaving the women at home to cope with wartime strife. To make matters worse, the vicar posts a notice in the town center saying that, “due to the lack of men’s voices, the village choir will close.” However, the town’s women—in a small act of bravery—decide to keep singing and song is the very thing that uplifts them and their community as war rages on around them.

We asked The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir author Jennifer Ryan our 8 Great Questions and her answers were delightfully British. Watch below to see which fictional characters she’d want in her ideal book club, her favorite independent bookstore and what novel she thinks you should read immediately.

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