8 Great Questions with Diksha Basu

The The Windfall novelist tells us her author crush and who would be in her dream book club.

Diksha Basu

Diksha Basu’s debut novel The Windfall follows the Jha family, who has lived in the same neighborhood in Delhi for over 30 years. They suddenly come into lots of money after Mr. Jha sells his website and they decide to move to a bigger house in a fancier neighborhood. But they are obsessed with what everyone else thinks—what their old neighbors think, what their new neighbors think—and find they can’t impress everyone. Their son is studying in America, encountering struggles of his own as his academics falter and his love life sputters. This comedy of manners is hysterical and true and it searches for the meaning of home amidst two different countries.

We asked author Diksha Basu to answer our 8 Great Questions. Watch below as she spills about the book she gives as a gift (and the unintended meaning her recipients might get!) and what globetrotting accessory she uses as a bookmark.

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DIKSHA BASU is a writer and occasional actor. Originally from New Delhi, India, she holds a BA in Economics from Cornell University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University and now divides her time between New York City and Mumbai.