8 Great Questions with Mandy Berman

The author of Perennials talks about her favorite books and more.

Mandy Berman

Perennials has us ready for summer and wishing we were going back to camp this year! Mandy Berman’s debut novel brings readers back to the moment they realized they weren’t kids anymore. Rachel and Fiona have been friends for years, spending their summers together every year at Camp Marigold. Growing up, their differences couldn’t drive a wedge between them, but coming back to camp as counselors after a year away at college, Rachel and Fiona grapple with complicated, grown-up challenges during a turbulent summer away from home.

Whether you spent your summers at home, abroad, or in sleeping bags around a campfire, this story of lifelong friendship is a must-read for anyone who remembers the pangs of growing up.

We asked Perennials author Mandy Berman our 8 Great Questions; watch below to see what book “totally floored” her when she read it at age 16, the kind of smells she had to research for Perennials, and her worst job ever.

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MANDY BERMAN is a writer from Nyack, New York. Perennials is her debut novel. She holds an MFA in fiction from Columbia University. She lives and writes in Brooklyn.
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