8 Great Questions with Kara Thomas

The author of Little Monsters shares what morbid tutorials she looked up for the book!

Kara Thomas, 8 Great Questions

Kara Thomas’s latest novel Little Monsters follows Kacey, the new girl in town, as she adjusts to living with her father in Broken Falls. Life here is almost too perfect, but it isn’t long before things begin to change. Her new friends Bailey and Jade begin acting distant, even “forgetting” to invite her to the biggest party of the year. But Kacey won’t ever get to ask Bailey why—because Bailey never comes home from the party. With her friend missing, picture-perfect Broken Falls becomes a much less welcoming place for Kacey. And now, everyone is looking to the new girl for answers.

We asked author Kara Thomas to answer our 8 Great Questions. Watch to find out what series she believes everyone should read and what “awful” bookmark trick she uses!

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KARA THOMAS has written for everything from her high school newspaper to Warner Bros. Television. She is a true-crime addict who lives on Long Island with her husband and rescue cat. She is the author of The Darkest CornersLittle Monsters, and The Cheerleaders.