Hilarious Books That Tell It Like It Is

Trust me: you need these books in your life.

By • 2 years ago

My Lifelong Love Affair with Libraries

From childhood to motherhood, Julie Bogart has remained true to the love of her life: the library.

By JULIE BOGART • 2 years ago
Author Essay

Falling in (and out of) love with The L Word

The author of Would You Rather? reflects on the complicated legacy of the pioneering queer-lady show.

By KATIE HEANEY • 2 years ago
Your Reading Life

Why a Silent Book Club Might Save Your Life

...Or at least let you get a few pages read.

By • 4 years ago
Your Reading Life

I Survived NaNoWriMo

Happy November 30th! I just wrote 50,000 words of a novel in 30 days. You?

By • 5 years ago
Your Reading Life

Why Readers Are More Empathetic

Are readers more empathetic because they read so much, or do they read so much because they're more empathetic?

By • 5 years ago