Books for Your BFF

Books are the best thing you can give a friend. Seriously.

By • 6 days ago
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Reading Books to Build Empathy

Latasha Morrison, author of Be the Bridge, on how books bridge the gap between lives.

By LATASHA MORRISON • 3 weeks ago
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How Dogs Heal Us

Maria Goodavage reveals the science behind what we already know: Dogs are a gift to humankind.

By MARIA GOODAVAGE • 4 weeks ago
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Why I’m Addressing Toxic Masculinity in My Romance Novels

Rom-coms are funny, but they're no joke.

By LYSSA KAY ADAMS • 1 month ago

Books That Feature Really Wacky Families

You can't choose your family—and sometimes, they're really weird.

By • 1 month ago
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How Carl Sagan Inspired Me as a Reader

Sasha Sagan reflects on the lessons that her father taught her about reading—and life.

By SASHA SAGAN • 2 months ago

What I’m Reading: Katharine McGee

Katharine McGee, author of American Royals, chats about three royally good books you'll want to read.

By • 2 months ago

8 Self-Care Journals for a More Balanced Life

Reflect on how to best honor your truest self.

By • 2 months ago