10 Celebrity Memoirs We Actually Love

We've taken it upon ourselves to find out which celeb memoirs are actually worth your time. You're welcome.

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What I’m Reading: Arianna Margulis

Arianna Margulis, author of But Like Maybe Don't, recommends three relatable books that are funny AND profound.

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Perfect Reads for Fans of The Office

Feel the joys of Dunder Mifflin all over again.

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Books to Read if You Stan RuPaul’s Drag Race

If you can’t wait to meet the new crew of gag-worthy queens, check out these reads to keep it lit…erary in the meantime.

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12 Books By Your Favorite Comedians

Because we could all use a little more joy.

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Author Essay

10 Words We All Should Use Again

Here are ten old words worth resurrecting. 

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Author Interview

A Conversation with Jasmine Guillory

The novelist speaks out on the vibrant necessity for diverse love stories—and stumps for a presidential favorite read.

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15 Things That Have Happened To Everyone Reading on the Train

If you’ve read on the train, you've definitely experienced all of these things.

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