Author Essay

How Writing My Book Helped Me Work Through Shame

Laura Sibson, author of The Art of Breaking Things, explores healing after abuse—with her protagonist, Skye.

By LAURA SIBSON • 1 week ago

10 Glowing Summer Debuts

Light up your summer with inaugural novels from unmissable voices.

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Six Picks: Sizzling Summer Reads

Abbe and Jess are excited to kick-off this summer with six breathtaking beach reads.

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Author Interview

A Conversation with Delia Owens

The debut novelist and zoologist talks the animal kingdom, Reese Witherspoon, and truth as tall fences.

By • 1 month ago

Debut Novels We’ll Be Reading All Year Long

There's nothing quite like picking up a book by a first-time novelist.

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7 Exciting Debut Novels Coming Out in 2019

There are some new and exciting voices coming in 2019 that you won't want to miss.

By • 6 months ago

Six Picks: Debut Novels

There's nothing like your first time...publishing a novel, that is! RIF editors Abbe and Emma discuss six favorite debuts.

By • 2 years ago

Remarkable Books Written by Teenagers

Better to burn out than fade away? These wunderkind writers did neither.

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