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How Motherhood Changed Me as a Woman (and a Writer)

Things that come from being a mom: resilience, anxiety and fear, and sometimes, a book.

By HARRIET WALKER • 1 week ago
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How an Evening Out with Friends Inspired My Novel

Inspiration can strike when you least expect it.

By MATTHEW NORMAN • 1 week ago
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Why We Need Family Adventure Stories

We love the drama, the relatable moments, and the travel.

By AMITY GAIGE • 2 weeks ago

If You Loved The Sopranos, Add These Books to Your TBR Pile

While you wait for the new prequel, we’ve got the books for you.

By • 2 weeks ago

6 Books About Siblings That You’ll Love

Relationships between siblings are unique—and reading about them can be very interesting.

By BRADY HAMMES • 3 weeks ago

The Jetsetters Book Club Discussion

Our April book club pick, The Jetsetters by Amanda Eyre Ward, took us to faraway places without leaving the couch.

By • 4 weeks ago

8 Feel-Good Books That’ll Make Your Heart Sing

Each page will lift your spirit—we promise.

By • 2 months ago

22 Must-Read Memoirs of 2020

Add these true (and evocative) stories to your reading list, stat.

By • 3 months ago