Author Essay

Rethinking The Three Musketeers With a Feminist Twist

Laura L. Sullivan, author of Milady, explains why she decided to rewrite the classic tale.

By LAURA L. SULLIVAN • 4 months ago

Revisit Your High School Summer Reading List

Relax—there won't be a test this time.

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Books That Retell the Classics

We can't get enough of stories that offer a whole new understanding of the classics we cherish.

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Classic Books to Read in a Weekend

Tackle these classic books that you've been meaning to read in just one weekend.

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Classic Spy Novels That Inspired Me

Lauren Wilkinson shares the classic spy novels that inspired her debut.

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12 Literary Cocktails to Pair with Classic Reads

Break out the spirits and toast your favorite characters with this indulgent lineup.

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10 Posthumous Classics from the Greats

For all their brilliance, great authors cannot avoid the inevitability of their own deaths.

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