Lance Richardson and Transportive Reads

July 31, 2018 - Emma and Abbe chat with Olympic medalist Deena Kastor, talk transportive reads that take you places, and hear from Lance Richardson about House of Nutter.

On this week’s episode, Emma quizzes Abbe on all things Danielle Steel—about how many bestsellers she’s written, what authors have outsold her and her main characters and plot points. Find out how much—or how little—Abbe knows about the bestselling author.

Then, they sit down with Olympic medalist and author Deena Kastor about running marathons, writing her first book, Let Your Mind Run, a fascinating look inside the mind of an elite athlete, and what nonfiction read Deena can’t put down.

Later, Abbe and Emma list transportive reads that will take you places as far-reaching as Mallorca and the moon—without leaving your couch.

I tend to want to write about the things that intuitively interest me, and when I start on a project, I don't always necessarily understand why I'm writing about something. It's through the writing process that I work out why I'm doing what I'm doing.
—Lance Richardson

Finally, Abbe sits down with Lance Richardson, author of House of Nutter, to discuss the most fascinating things he learned while researching and writing this story of two gay brothers—one a tailor, the other a photographer—and the impact they each had on pop culture.

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