Chelsea Clinton and Spooky Books

October 29, 2018 - Chelsea Clinton stops by to talk about her children's book, Start Now! and Amy, Emma, and Abbe talk about spooky books that kept them up at night.

In the first episode of Season 2, Abbe, Amy, and Emma are recommending the spookiest reads they can handle! They’ve got terrifying stories of abductions, adaptations of creepy classics, and some killer teenagers that are sure to get every reader’s heart racing.

Next, they get the opportunity to sit down with Chelsea Clinton and talk about her inspiring new book for kids, Start Now! Start Now! was born out of Chelsea’s recent middle grade book, It’s Your World, but this one is geared towards even younger activists. Chelsea also reveals the books she loves reading with her own children, and the one that is keeping her up at night reading.

I hope this encourages kids to think about the ways that might seem small at first but are pretty powerful and profound over time to make a positive difference. I hope it also helps parents and teachers realize how powerful kids can be when we support them.
—Chelsea Clinton

Finally, our resident book doctor Stella joins us in the studio to recommend books to suit every mood! If you’re feeling stunted, humorous, or out of your element, she’s got the book for you.

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