Abby Maslin and Ghosted

May 29, 2019 - Abbe sits down with Abby and TC Maslin about his brain injury and her moving memoir, Love You Hard, and reviews a great summer paperback, Ghosted by Rosie Walsh.

In this episode, Abbe tells us about the perfect paperback to take to the pool, Ghosted by Rosie Walsh.

Then, she sits down with author Abby Maslin and her husband TC about Abby’s memoir, Love You Hard, which details TC’s traumatic brain injury and the way it changed their marriage.

Writing quickly became a therapeutic outlet for me. I was carrying so much emotionally, that I knew that in order to keep going and in order to make it to the next stage in this journey, I was going to have to share that experience with others and I was going to have to let people carry some of this burden with me. And as I've learned, that is how it is in life. We are not always able to carry it all ourselves and, in fact, it is the honor of others to share our pain with us.
—Abby Maslin

Finally, Abbe chats with Linda D. Anderson, Ph.D., Sonia R. Banks Ph.D., Michele L Owens, Ph.D. about the keys to communication in relationships and their book, Silent Agreements.

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