Episode 6: Kate Bolick

Discussion Questions

  • On the pressure to marry, Bolick believes, “Men have their own problems; this isn’t one of them.” Do you agree? Why or why not?

  • Edith Wharton coined the term awakeners “to describe the books and thinkers who’d guided her intellectual studies.” One of Bolick’s goals is to inspire women and men to find their own awakeners. In your own life, who would your awakeners be?

  • What makes a woman single? Is it a matter of marital status? Of habits, or state of mind?

  • The term spinster has a divisive history. What does the word mean to you? Has this changed since reading the book? When you imagine a spinster, what does she look like, and would you ever describe yourself as one?

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Recommended Books

KATE BOLICK is a contributing editor to The Atlantic. She was previously the executive editor of Domino magazine. She lives in New York.
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