Episode 2: Marie-Helene Bertino

Discussion Questions

  • Discuss the recipe box that Madeleine’s mother created. Which tips are your favorites? What are your own rules for living?  
  • As Madeleine takes the stage with Alex, what is at stake for each of them, and for the Cubanistas, beyond the world of The Cat’s Pajamas?
  • How did you interpret the closing scene? How does Mrs. Santiago cope with her role as Madeleine’s surrogate mom while grieving the loss of Corrine?
  • What does the novel say about the power of music to transform and transport? Which songs comprise the soundtrack to your life?

Book Club Bites

Whether you’re gathering with a group, or reading solo, try our recommendations for a cocktail and snack that pair perfectly with the book.

Book Club Extras

Spotify Playlist

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