Episode 15: Amor Towles

Amor Towles

Discussion Questions

  • How did the Count handle being under house arrest in the Metropol Hotel? If you were under house arrest, would you have handled yourself with the same dignity and grace?
  • During his captivity, the Count meets two young women who change his life. In what ways did these girls shape him?
  • There’s a through-line in the novel about censorship in Communist Russia. Do you think the author making any statements about the necessity of free speech?
  • Of the people the Count meets in the hotel, which character was your favorite and why?

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AMOR TOWLES was born and raised just outside Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated from Yale University and received an MA in English from Stanford University, where he was a Scowcroft Fellow. After working more than twenty years as an investment professional, Towles now writes full time. He is also the author of the novella Eve in Hollywood, available as an e-book. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and two children.
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