Episode 11: Curtis Sittenfeld

Curtis Sittenfeld

Discussion Questions

  1. Eligible is a modern adaptation of the classic novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Why is this story such a timeless favorite?
  2. What prejudices does Curtis Sittenfeld explore in this adaptation? How do they differ from the prejudices of Austen’s time?
  3. To what extent do you think the portrayal of modern courtship and marriage in this novel is realistic? Do you think Mrs. Bennet’s concern over her daughters remaining unmarried into their late thirties is common, or is this an outdated perspective?
  4. The title Eligible comes from the fictional reality television show Chip Bingley appears on. What do you think the novel has to say about reality TV? Would you go on a show like Eligible?
  5. On p. 305, Kathy de Bourgh tells Liz that, “There’s a belief that to take care of someone else, or to let someone else take care of you—that both are inherently unfeminist. I don’t agree. There’s no shame in devoting yourself to another, as long as he devotes himself to you in return.” Do you agree or disagree with this sentiment?
  6. If you’ve read Pride and Prejudice, do you think it is a feminist novel? Is Eligible?

For more discussion questions, click here. To read an interview with Curtis Sittenfeld, click here.

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CURTIS SITTENFELD is the bestselling author of the novels Prep, The Man of My Dreams, American Wife, and Sisterland, which have been translated into twenty-five languages. Her nonfiction has been published widely, including in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Time, and Glamour, and broadcast on public radio’s This American Life. A native of Cincinnati, she currently lives with her family in St. Louis.
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