Episode 5: Helen Ellis

The latest episode of Read It Forward’s podcast features Helen Ellis, author of the hysterically funny short story collection American Housewife. Listen to the episode below and let us know what you think in the comments section. Happy reading and cheers!

Discussion Questions

  • Inspired by the story “What I Do All Day,” what are some things you do and how would you describe them using Helen Ellis’s signature tongue-in-cheek style?
  • If you needed to kick start your career by starring in a reality show of your own invention, what would it be called? Who would be your competition?
  • What’s your advice for being a grown-ass lady?
  • If you had to choose an alternative name for your book club persona, what would you choose and why?

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HELEN ELLIS is the acclaimed author of Eating the Cheshire Cat. She is a poker player who competes on the national tournament circuit. Raised in Alabama, she lives with her husband in New York City.
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