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RIF’s Favorite Reads of March 2018

Helping you sort out the best from the rest published this month.


Fourteen Books That Defy Easy Definition

These books go against the grain in great ways.

By • 1 year ago
Your Reading Life

The Gap* in Literary Art

*As in, the abstract—not the store.

By • 1 year ago

Books to Read with Your BFF

14 Books that celebrate the powerful bonds of female friendship.

By • 1 year ago

On Editing Marina Abramović

Editor Tricia Boczkowski talks to Read it Forward about the performance artist's signature sense of humor and her love for Lady Gaga.

By • 1 year ago

Last Minute Book Report: Oliver Twist

Comedian Jo Firestone tries to guess what's up with Charles Dickens' orphaned character—without reading the book.

By • 1 year ago
Author Interview

An Interview with Matthew Desmond

The author of Evicted reveals why the housing crisis is one of the most pressing problems facing our nation.

By • 1 year ago
Author Essay

Courting the YA Vote

In The Wrong Side of Right, an author puts the human element back into politics.

By JENN MARIE THORNE • 1 year ago
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