7 Irish Writers You Need to Know

You've know Colm Tóibín and Emma Donohue. We suggest reading the works of some new talent out of the Emerald Isle.

Author Essay

Reading Blind is Best

One author on why you should avoid reading the flap copy.

By Matthew FitzSimmons • 1 year ago
Your Reading Life

What Does It Mean to Have ‘Read’ a Book?

Have you ever lied and said you finished a book when you hadn't? Here's why.

By • 1 year ago

Episode 13: Jade Chang

Debut novelist Jade Chang discusses The Wangs vs. The World, her road trip narrative that's rife with family drama.

By • 1 year ago

Dysfunctional Families in Literature

14 novels that will make you grateful you didn’t spend Thanksgiving with these folks.

By • 1 year ago

Stock Video Men Present: 11 Ways to Read

We are thankful for these attractive nameless male models showing us 11 ways to read.

By • 1 year ago
Author Essay

Why Wacky Families Are Fun to Write

Embrace Thanksgiving with help from the author of The Survivor’s Guide to Family Happiness.

By MADDIE DAWSON • 1 year ago

A Stunning Reflection to Commemorate President John F. Kennedy

53 years ago, President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Read this stunning eyewitness account from The Torch is Passed by The Associated Press.

By The Associated Press • 1 year ago
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