Stunning Spots for Outdoor Reading

Books + Mother Nature Cooperating = Reading Outside.

Bookworms across America are filling tote bags and suitcases with their favorite reads. Our new books’ shiny covers are ready to wink in the sunlight on long, lazy Saturdays spent at the beach, at parks, or any other venue that is a bit closer to mother nature.

To celebrate this wonderful time in a reader’s yearly calendar, we collected the most amazing outdoor reading spots on the planet. There’s something here for everyone–mountains, beaches, backyards, and even balconies.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your sunblock and hop to it!

1. Nothing better than glancing up and seeing a view like this between chapters. 

outdoor reading mountains

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2. More of an urban dweller? Create your own reading oasis

Outdoor reading balcony


3. Often, a blanket and some beach grass is all that’s needed. 

beach reading


4. Okay, this one isn’t strictly outdoors, but come on, we had to include this.

bathtub outdoor reading


5. This is equal parts terrifying and amazing. 

reading in a tent


6. A wild-flower filled backyard with a fire pit? Don’t mind if we do!

garden reading


7. We didn’t know it was possible to fall in love with a piece of furniture, till now

outdoor reading bed


8. A little night reading, anyone?

outdoor night reading


9. All you need is a meadow

reading in the grass


10. Just looking at this makes us feel more relaxed. 

Reading on a porch


11. *Drool* 

reading by the pool


12. Garden cafes give you the option to snack and eat simultaneously. Win-win. 

outdoor cafe reading spot


13. Sure, summer has to end eventually. Luckily, we’ll keep reading outside right through autumn

autumn reading

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