The Top 20 Reasons to Read

(As if we needed more than one.)

why read

We asked, and you answered: Why do you read?

Escape and relaxation were far and away the most popular answers, but there were some cheeky responses too. See how our crowdsourced list lines up with yours, and tell us why you read in our Facebook group or on Twitter.

20. “Because it’s cheaper than therapy.” —Michael E.

19. “Because I can’t not read.” —Sarah McW.

18. “Because it soothes my soul.” —Phyllis L.

17. “To subdue the incessant monologue in my head.” —Alice B.

16. To fall asleep.
“I can’t go to sleep at night unless I’ve read at least a little. It’s a daily necessity.” —Jen F.

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15. “Pretty sure it’s because I’m addicted.” —Kay G.

14. “Because TV is boring.” —Tisha H.

13. To forget.
“To forget the real world for a while and live in a world made by someone else.” —mizkatie51

12. “Because there are books.” —Barbara P. on Facebook

11. To open doors.
“The reader only needs to chose which door they are walking through—travel, historical, memoir, romance, and so many other choices, and every new book challenges the reader to open that door a little wider to meet whomever is inside.” —TML Writes

10. To become part of something bigger.
“To become part of a community. To be surprised, delighted, hooked. To laugh and cry. To find new words. To remove myself from my surroundings. To meet new people.” —Jane S.

9. To expand my horizons.
“I read because reading expands my horizons and takes me to times and places I could not otherwise visit.” —Robin

8. To live someone else’s life for a while.
“To experience adventures, to live in times I will never actually live in. To explore. To grow. To see the world through a different set of eyes.” —Chani O.

7. To ignite my imagination.
“Reading stokes the imagination and carries one away to new possibilities.” —Donna S.

6. To travel through time.
“I read to travel back in time. To be a courtier, or a lady in waiting, or even a fly on the wall.” —Carla

5. “Because it makes me happy.” —Jackie G.

4. To de-stress.
“Reading is one of the best de-stressers that I use daily for a healthier mind and all over wellbeing.” —Pauline B.

3. To learn.
“Reading taught me more than I ever learned in school, even college!” —Kat H.

2. To relax.
“To relax and take a mini vacay in my head.” —Susan M.

1. To escape.
“As a child I read to escape; as a teen and young adult I read to explore; nowadays, I read to find my way home again.” —Roman T.

And honorary mention goes to Caroline O., who says it all: “I read for the same reason I breathe.”

Featured Image: @svqmedia/Unsplash

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