The Expats “Transported Us” Says Book Club

The Expats Experience
By Gina N.

Bon Voyage! Our book club bid each other adieu and ventured home to embark on a new escape with The Expats.

In this thriller, Chris Pavone transported us to the tiny country of Luxembourg to explore the diverse relationships that we form as adults.

As Kate – the protagonist – walked along the cobblestone roads, we watched her bump along in her marriage and try to create new friendships as a grown-up. While these new relationships were growing, the past was slowly unwinding both for Kate and her husband.

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Relationships were a main point of contention throughout this story, both personal and professional. As women, we had a difficult time deciding if Kate was able to suppress her feelings because of her previous line of work, or if she was simply not an emotionally-centered woman. Chris Pavone’s ability to channel the inner dialog of a career-woman-turned-homemaker is perfect.

RIFer Gina N.'s Houston book clubSince the book’s final destination was Paris, we held our book club meeting at a French café in Houston: Bistro Provence. The atmosphere of this restaurant truly emulated the final scene in The Expats and really inspired an engaging discussion of those final moments in the story with true French flair.

I recommend this book for the adventurous storytelling, multi-faceted characters and the – shall I say – “je ne sais quoi.”

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