The Best Literary Mugs

A round-up of the best literary mugs the internet has to offer.

Nothing is more comforting for a bibliophile than curling up with a fun read and a mug of hot tea or coffee. Unless, of course, that mug is particularly bookish as well. Then, dear reader, you have the ultimate trifecta: a great book, a smart mug, and a contented you. Whether you want to toast your favorite classic or celebrate books of all kinds, the internet has a mug to suit your taste.

Check out our selection of literate liquid vessels to find your perfect coffee cup. You might even find just the right gift for a book-loving friend!


1. Begin your day with some of the best beginnings in literature by having your coffee in one of these First Lines of Literature Mugs. (Philosopher’s Guild)

literary mug

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2. If you’re a book and tea person, take pleasure in the simple things with this lovely mug. (Etsy)

funny literary mug


3. Or start your day with a smile – and only a smile. The Cheshire Cat disappears when you pour your coffee in this mug. (Philospher’s Guild)

cheshire cat literary mug

4. Keep it classy with a Penguin Classics mug. (Penguin Random House)

penguin random house


5. If you’re a brooding night owl, here’s a mug for your midnight coffee. (Etsy)

 bookish mug


6. And once you’ve stayed up too late with a book you just couldn’t put down, this travel mug will get you through the day. (Etsy)

 literary mug


7. This Shakespearean Insult mug will put any beetle-headed flap-ear’d knaves in their place.


shakespearean mug

8. This mug will remind your coworkers of your TRUE purpose. (Strand Books)

born to read

9. If you, like Matilda, have finished all of your books and you’re wondering what to read next, you probably need this classically illustrated mug. (The Literary Gift Company

literary mug

10. From Oliver Twist to Mr. Pickwick, this mug is plastered with Dickens’ most famous characters. (The Literary Gift Company

Charles Dickens Characters


11. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a reader with a good novel must be in want of a complementary mug. (Philospher’s Guild

jane austen quotes


12. Hey, good lookin’: this mug goes with all of your books. (Etsy)

hot girls read mug


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