RIFer Cathy R. Reviews Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl

This book lulled me into its dark depths.

Gillian Flynn weaves the story of Amy’s disappearance through Nick’s narrative and Amy’s past diary entries. This initially provides the reader with the benefit of multiple perspectives.

Later in the book, it will leave the reader questioning everything that came before.

At first, the main characters, Nick and Amy, appear to be an average couple. As the book progresses, Flynn adds many layers to them and they become real people that you can picture in your life. You can overlook some of their faults because you connect emotionally with them.

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Flynn is masterful at twisting and turning the plot without relying on standard ploys. You will be surprised again and again, and then once more.

Gone Girl starts with a bang and the momentum never lets up.

You just can’t stop turning the pages because you have to satisfy the hunger to know the ending.

Cathy R, RIFer from Port Matilda, PA RIFer CATHY R. is from Port Matilda, PA. “Books are like food to me,” she says. “I can’t go a day without reading something. As a mom of four kids, I squeeze in reading around soccer, homework, and bedtime.”

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