Reading Curfew: Do You Have One?

How do you decide when it's time to turn out the light, put your book on the bedside table, and go to sleep?

reading curfew

Ever have a reading hangover? You know what we’re talking about – when you stay up all night reading and the next day you’re a zombie.

Do you have a reading curfew? If you do, what kind of book makes you break your curfew? And when do you finally say to yourself, “okay, it’s time to put down my book and go to bed!”?

When I was devouring Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer-prize winning novel The Goldfinch several months ago, I gave myself a reading curfew.

Why? Because I desperately wanted to devour this book in one sitting!

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If I’d let myself, I would have read into the wee hours, and in my sleep-deprived delirium, I would have missed the beauty and power of Donna Tartt’s masterful writing just to get to the next chapter.

I wanted to slow down, I wanted to savor every word. So I gave myself a strict curfew of 10:00 p.m.

After I finished The Goldfinch, I dove into the Divergent series. Those books were different. I let myself blaze through night after night, reading until after midnight, and I finished the series in a week.

So, for me – sometimes I have a reading curfew and sometimes I don’t. Depends on the kind of book I’m reading!

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RIFers! When’s the last time you broke your reading curfew? What book inspired you to stay up late reading?

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