Reader Spotlight: The First True Lie

I was effortlessly immersed in Luca’s life from the minute I opened this book.

This young narrator is strong, sensitive, and intelligent with a clever sense of humor. I could feel his pain and anxiety, and I reveled in his imagination as he dealt with the death of his mother.

The writing put me right there with him as he navigated through his tragic situation. I rooted for him as he fought for his independence and dealt with the reality of becoming an orphan.

Do not miss this heart wrenching story of undying love between a mother and her son – the story of a little boy who fights to be seen as a human being and not an orphan.

In the end, I wanted to wrap my arms around Luca and take him home with me. In a sense, I did just that.

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He’s been with me ever since I closed the book.

If I could re-write the ending of this remarkable story, this is how it would read:

Me, ringing Luca’s doorbell: *ding dong*

Luca: “Who is it?”

Me: “Luca, it’s me, Laurie. I just read your story and I want to take you home with me!”

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LAURIE P. is a bookseller at Barnes & Noble in Carmel, Indiana. She says "I fell in love with Luca and could have taken him home! ... I look forward to hand-selling The First True Lie when it hits the shelves on January 21, 2014."

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