Our Favorite Bookish Tweets

These will have you saying "YAAAAAS!"

With the rise of social media, and especially Twitter, reading has become even more performative. We use hashtags like #amreading, #FridayReads and #BookNerdConfessions to talk about our own habits, and start movements with #ReadWomen2014 and #WeNeedDiverseBooks. The new weekly chat on Thursdays with librarians (#AskALibrarian) has filled our TBR piles to overflowing. Furthermore, Twitter brings us closer to our favorite authors and famous readers. We’re always retweeting and favoriting the bon mots from literary heavyweights, clever cultural commentators, and even fellow readers who attain brief fame when they hit a book-related nerve.

Here we’ve rounded up 42 of our favorite bookish tweets that made us laugh, nod furiously in agreement and click *retweet.*


1. On the book nerd’s morning routine:

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booknerd2(via @thebooktraveler)


2. On packing for jury duty:

Rory Gilmore(via @rinceya)


3. On Austen being the original Bravo:Pride and Prejudice

(via @Trevdog1616)


4. Terry McMillan on learning patience:Terry McMillan

(via @MsTerryMcMillan)


5. On stopping time to get through your TBR pile:stop time(via @kflay)


6. Amy Brill on seeing children’s fiction IRL: The Day the Crayons Came Home

(via @amy_brill)


7. Roxane Gay on writing the next (thick) American novel: Roxane Gay

(via @rgay)


8. Aparna Nancherla on #relationshipproblems:grammar jokes

(via @aparnapkin)


9. On deciding what to read next: book nerd

(via @katharinescriv)


10. On the emotional comedown after finishing an amazing book:reading a novel

(via @JustBethanne)


11. On reliving Hester Prynne’s pain:the scarlet letter

(via @ami_with_an_i)


12. On needing friends to co-read with:

book nerd problems(via @bibliognost)


13. On addressing Toni Morrison:Toni Morrison(via @emilyhughes)


14. On the psychic power of librarians:psychic librarians(via @esanderc)



15. On other literary superpowers:superpowers(via @joshgondelman)


16. On earthquake safety:earthquake safety(via @sarahjeong)


17. Scott Westerfeld on #VeryRealisticYA:Very Realistic YA(via @ScottWesterfeld)


18. Harlan Coben on tracking the elusive ending:Book Ending(via @HarlanCoben)


19. Jennifer Smith on seeing old friends:A Little Life

(via @JenESmith)


20. On having a #blessed schedule:Library(via @WhatIDoAllDay)


21. Angela Flournoy on reading books that make you want to write:Angela Flournoy(via @angelaflournoy)


22. Rainbow Rowell on adapting her book for the silver screen:adapt book to movie(via @RainbowRowell)


23. On what TLC actually meant:London Review of Books(via @visible_pores)


24. On indie bookstore shopping sprees:bookstores(via @SamanthaJo28)


25. Sarah Dessen on finding time to write:finding time to write(via @sarahdessen)


26. J. Courtney Sullivan on autocorrect fails:autocorrect fails(via @jcourtsull)


27. On the ubiquitous bookish tote bag:tote bag(via @HachetteHawk)


28. Gary Shteyngart on not reading bedtime stories:The Babadook(via @Shteyngart)


29. On ignoring the weather to discuss a novel:Claire Vaye Watkins(via @RachelFersh)


30. On daily moods:book lover(via @stephopitz)


31. Elizabeth Gilbert on supporting a pal:Cheryl Strayed(via @GilbertLiz)


32. On time management:Maris Kreizman(via @mariskreizman)


33. On domestic life skills:Pride and Prejudice(via @rebekahlcook)


34. Curtis Sittenfeld on juggling multiple books:Curtis Sittenfeld(via @csittenfeld)


35. On reimagining Hamlet as a teenage dirtbag:Dirtbag Shakespeare(via @mallelis)


36. On literal plot interpretations:Catcher in the Rye(via @david8hughes)


37. Emily St. John Mandel on book signings:Mona Lisa's smile(via @EmilyMandel)


38. Margaret Atwood on brushing up on her slang:Margaret Atwood(via @MargaretAtwood)


39. Teju Cole on flipping the script:Shakespeare(via @tejucole)


40. On evening plans:reading in bed(via @readandbreathe)


41. On happy hour:book o'clock(via @ScrewyDecimal)


42. Read It Forward on life mottos:

happy place(via @ReadItForward)


What are your favorite book-themed tweets? Tell us or link to them in the comments! And if you’re not following Read It Forward on Twitter, what are you waiting for? Come tweet with us!


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