How to Read Late at Night When Sleeping Next to the Love of Your Life

I can’t help it. I’m a late-night gal. To me, “morning people” are a myth perpetuated by coffee companies. Why would anyone choose to wake up early when they could sleep in and stay up as the rest of the world snoozes?

There’s something serene about the night: a quiet sets over the city. My mind, usually jittery, finally rests. I am at peace.

Reading at night is my one of my favorite activities.

However, just as nighttime is one of the best times to read, it’s also one of the best times to snuggle my beautiful boyfriend. Nothing, not even reading, soothes me like the feel of his warm arms around me.

So, of course, comes the question—to snuggle or to read?

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I’m incredibly lucky: My boyfriend can sleep through anything. A jetliner could emit a sonic boom over the apartment and my beloved would sleep right through it. So, I can read – with the light on! — while he sleeps. If I’m particularly crafty, I can read on my side and still stay in his soft embrace. It’s a match made in bookworm heaven.

Not everyone is this fortunate. What do you do?

If you can’t have a light on without waking up your sleeping partner, do you just forego your nighttime read? I’ve never had luck with those miniature reading lights; their cold, sterile beam never properly illuminates the right part of the page. How do you read while still retaining the peace of your relationship?

For most people, this really isn’t a big deal. But this is a real quandary for avid readers like us who read at night. So I ask you, fellow readers, for your thoughts.

While you discuss, I’m going to set down my book, snuggle back into the crook of my boyfriend’s neck, and catch a few extra winks. After all, your real relationship is far better than any one you read about.

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