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L’extraordinaire Voyage du Fakir Qui Etait Resté Coincé dans une Armoire IKEA. Translation? The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Who Got Trapped in an IKEA Wardrobe. Maybe the best. book. title. ever.

It’s definitely going on our Books That Would Win ‘Best Title’ bookshelf.

When you’re a fakir (Indian con artist), cruising Paris with only one goal (IKEA), your life is full of surprises.

This is a fable set in our super-connected global economy, filled with equal parts biting satire and heartfelt observation. Different than anything we’ve read before, and beautifully translated from the French by Sam Taylor.

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ROMAIN PUÉRTOLAS was born in Montpellier and has lived in France, Spain, and the UK, where he has been a DJ, singer-songwriter, language teacher, translator-interpreter, and steward. He most recently worked as a police inspector with the French border service, specializing in document fraud. The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir was a #1 best seller in France. Translated from the French by Sam Taylor. Visit the author at

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