16 of the Best Book Covers of 2014

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“Judging books by their covers is seriously underrated,” says Amy Smith, author of All Roads Lead to Austen: A Yearlong Journey with Jane, “and any book nerd who claims never to have done it is probably lying.”

They’re beautiful, they’re puzzling, they’re arresting. Literally arresting – they’ll stop you in your tracks when you pass them on the shelf … they may even invite you to crack open the first page. They’re the Best Book Covers of 2014.

Best Book Covers 2014[L to R] The Arsonist; Leaving the Sea; The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher; Boy, Snow, Bird
Best Book Covers 2014[L to R] American Fun; Silence Once Begun; Area X; The Reef
best-book-covers-2014-2[L to R] The Orchard of Lost Souls; My Life in Middlemarch; The Martian; The Intervals of Cinema
Best Book Covers 2014[L to R] On Such a Full Sea; High and Dry; We Were Liars; All the Birds, Singing

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