• The cover of the book The Spirit Almanac

    The Spirit Almanac

    The beautifully illustrated Spirit Almanac gently reminds readers to make time for themselves with modern rituals that incorporate ancient techniques of meditation, breathwork, crystals, aromatherapy, and astrology. Loewe and Kellner, two of the top editors at mindbodygreen, link spirit to nature with a seasonal organization. Their almanac leads readers from quiet intention-setting rituals of winter to the outdoor, heart-opening rituals of summer. A gorgeous guide for beginners and advanced practitioners of all spiritual paths.

  • The cover of the book The Book of Freedom

    The Book of Freedom

    Medium Paul Selig’s newest book follows The Book of Mastery and The Book of Truth, channeled from a group of unseen intellects called The Guides. The Book of Freedom, the third in this Master Trilogy, shows readers how to express their full Divine selves by finding and surrendering to their true natures. Access the spiritual inspiration of The Guides and improve your life in magical ways.

  • The cover of the book Time's Convert

    Time's Convert

    Harkness takes her storytelling from witchcraft to vampires in this newest novel set in contemporary London. Young Sotheby’s employee Phoebe Taylor falls in love with vampire Marcus MacNeil and decides to join him as one of the undead. What at first seems simple turns out to be much more complicated. In Time’s Convert, the two lovers battle challenges that vampires have faced for centuries. Past and present are braided together with dark fantasy in this sweeping story of passionate love.

  • The cover of the book The Fifth Petal

    The Fifth Petal

    Brunonia Barry’s newest thriller centers on the suspicious death of a teenage boy on Halloween night in Salem. The murder seems like it might be connected to a cold case: The Goddess Murders, in which three descendants of accused witches were all killed on a Halloween night almost 30 years ago. But to connect the crimes, Salem’s chief of police must find out whether the murderer is human… or something else.

  • The cover of the book The Crystal Code

    The Crystal Code

    Gemstones have been known for their healing and magical properties since ancient times, and they’re having something of a revival now, with wellness experts promoting their various energetic properties. Driessen’s accessible methods of crystal healing will appeal to the crystal curious and veteran collectors alike. Learn how to cleanse your crystals, program them with intention, and use them in rituals for self-care, energy, and intuition.

  • The cover of the book Enchantments


    Mya Spalter is a long-time employee of Enchantments, New York City’s oldest occult shop, and she’s sharing her witchy secrets in this beautifully illustrated book. Live a magical life with aspirational altars to model beauty and balance, love spells that work on you instead of other people, energetic cleaning, and abundance created through generosity. Spalter’s book is an inspiring guide for the next generation of witches.

  • The cover of the book The Signs

    The Signs

    Go far beyond the basics with Faulkner’s new astrology book, The Signs. Soho House’s in-house astrologer and life coach will show you how astrology doesn’t just define your fate, but empowers you to create your best life. Discover the qualities of all 12 signs in your natal chart, then use that self-knowledge to inform your decisions. This is a comprehensive, accessible guide for any astro-curious reader.

  • The cover of the book Everyday Tarot

    Everyday Tarot

    Brigit Esselmont, founder of the popular website Biddy Tarot, has written a book of her own. Everyday Tarot blends the mysticism of the timeless major and minor arcana with practical self-help. It’s a unique guide that aims to help contemporary practitioners unlock their full potential. Esselmont opens up about her own life, shows how the cards can help us draw on our inner wisdom for guidance, and offers sample spreads for creating powerful change.

  • The cover of the book The House Witch

    The House Witch

    Murphy-Hiscock, author of The Green Witch, offers a brand new spellbook for creating a sacred space at home. Turn your stove into a witch’s hearth and your pots into cauldrons, with magical food to nourish body and spirit, rituals to cleanse your house or apartment, and kitchen-centered crafts. This guide will strengthen the practice of wise witches everywhere.

  • The cover of the book The Power of Eight

    The Power of Eight

    For those who like some science to back up their spiritual texts, Lynne McTaggart offers dozens of university studies and the latest brain research as evidence for the existence of collective consciousness. Her findings reveal that when individuals unite in a group to focus their intentions, the power of their connection can help heal bodily conditions and fix broken relationships. The Power of Eight will show you the extraordinary power of your inner resources to heal yourself and others.