Which March Sister Are You?

Are you a Jo, a Beth, a Meg, or an Amy? Find out, then re-read Little Women to celebrate its 150th anniversary!

Little Women

Do you love Little Women? Have you always wanted to know which March sister you secretly embody? Take the following quiz, noting how many As, Bs, Cs, and Ds you select, then find your results at the end! To revisit the March sisters even more deeply, be sure to pick up the 150th-anniversary edition of Little Women!

Which is your ideal home?

Little Women


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Which is your favorite pair of shoes?

 Little Women

What would your ideal vacation be?


Little Women

Your favorite book is…

Little Women

Your favorite way to spend an evening is…

Little Women

Your ideal pet is…

Little Women


Little Women

Mostly As

You are Meg!

  • You’re someone other people can count on
  • You love to cook and make your home comfortable
  • You’re polite but you’ll speak your own mind when others are rude
  • You wish you had more money
  • You like nice things but you’re not showy


Mostly Bs

You are Jo!

  • You’re rebellious with a mind and style of your own
  • You’re a bookworm and an aspiring writer
  • You love to run
  • You enjoy letting your imagination run wild
  • You’re adventurous and want to see the world


Mostly Cs

You are Beth!

  • You prefer your home and family to being out in society
  • You can never have too many furry animals around
  • You find happiness in caring for others when they are sick or downtrodden
  • You don’t like for things to change too much
  • You find joy in the simple pleasures of life


Mostly Ds

You are Amy!

  • You’re the life of the party
  • You adore high-fashion clothes of the highest quality—when you can afford them
  • You love art and everything beautiful
  • You want to help make the world a more beautiful place
  • You would much rather be out on the town with your friends than stay at home



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LOUISA MAY ALCOTT was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania, in 1832, the second of four daughters of Abigail May Alcott and Bronson Alcott, the prominent Transcendentalist thinker and social reformer. Raised in Concord, Massachusetts, and educated by her father, Alcott early on came under the influence of the great men of his circle: Emerson, Hawthorne, the preacher Theodore Parker, and Thoreau. From her youth, Louisa worked at various tasks to help support her family: sewing, teaching, domestic service, and writing. In 1862, she volunteered to serve as an army nurse in a Union hospital during the Civil War—an experience that provided her material for her first successful book, Hospital Sketches (1863). Between 1863 and 1869, she published several anonymous and pseudonymous Gothic romances and lurid thrillers. But fame came with the publication of her Little Women (1868– 69), a novel based on the childhood adventures of the four Alcott sisters, which received immense popular acclaim and brought her financial security as well as the conviction to continue her career as a writer. In the wake of Little Women’s popularity, she brought out An Old- Fashioned Girl (1870), Little Men (1871), Eight Cousins (1875), Rose in Bloom (1876), Jo’s Boys (1886), and other books for children, as well as two adult novels, Moods (1864) and Work (1873). An active participant in the women’s suffrage and temperance movements during the last decade of her life, Alcott died in Boston in 1888, on the day her father was buried.

About Anne Boyd Rioux

Anne Boyd Rioux

ANNE BOYD RIOUX, a professor at the University of New Orleans and the editor of the Penguin Classics deluxe annotated 150th anniversary edition of Little Women, has received two National Endowment for the Humanities Awards, one for public scholarship. She lives in New Orleans.

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