• The cover of the book The Signature of All Things

    The Signature of All Things

    Born in 1800, Alma Whittaker is the daughter of a wealthy and charismatic botanical explorer. She becomes an exceptional botanist herself, but as her careful studies of moss take her deeper into the mysteries of evolution, the man she loves draws her in the opposite direction—into the realm of the spiritual, the divine, and the magical.

  • The cover of the book Remarkable Creatures

    Remarkable Creatures

    Mary Anning has a talent for finding fossils. Her discovery of ancient marine reptiles such as the ichthyosaur shakes the scientific community and leads to new ways of thinking about the creation of the world. But as a working-class woman in 19th-century England, she struggles to make her way in a society, and scientific field, dominated by men. 

  • The cover of the book The Movement of Stars: A Novel

    The Movement of Stars: A Novel

    It’s 1845 in Nantucket and Hannah Gardner Price’s goal is to discover a comet and win a gold medal from the King of Denmark, something unheard of for a woman. When she meets a young whaler who shares her interest in the stars, she agrees to take him on as a student. Their relationship challenges her beliefs about work and love, and ultimately will change the course of her life.