Wall Street Journal Raves about If Trouble Don’t Kill Me by Ralph Berrier

Berrier tells the story of 'the greatest brother country music saga' of all time.

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The story of Clayton and Saford Hall is perhaps the ultimate country-music brother saga of all….[I]n their heyday the Hall twins were regional stars in their little neck of the woods in southwest Virginia, until World War II killed their professional music careers and nearly themselves as well. “Do not expect a tale of sorry old men reminiscing about the good old days,” author Ralph Berrier warns. “This is the adventure of young men, two brothers born pitiful and raised hard, who made beautiful things out of raw God-given talents. . . . I think of them as they appear in their own stories: vibrant, happy, strong.”

The Wall Street Journal raved about If Trouble Don’t Kill Me by Ralph Barrier, saying “If [Berrier] has yet to master the fiddle, he rarely hits a false note on the page, expertly rendering the cadence and bygone culture of the Hall boys from The Hollow and proving himself a storyteller to do his elders proud. Less than a decade after the death of the surviving twin, Clayton, in 2003, Mr. Berrier has brought the ‘last of the old-timers’ back to life.”

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RALPH BERRIR, JR., is a reporter at the Roanoke Times, for which he has written extensively about Virginia’s musical heritage. His work has been honored by the Scripps Howard Foundation’s National Journalism Awards, the American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors, and the Newspaper Association of America. He is also an avid bluegrass and old-time fiddle player who lives in Roanoke, Virginia, with his wife and daughter.

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