15 Things That Have Happened To Everyone Reading on the Train

If you’ve read on the train, you've definitely experienced all of these things.

Reading on the Train

Riding the train is always an unpredictable experience. Reading on the train, meanwhile, adds entirely new possibilities for (mis)adventure and new scenarios of risk and reward. Getting off at my stop to finish a chapter or page before leaving the station? Worth it. Having my head down in a book and missing my stop completely? Probably worth it. Failing to wait until the train stops to turn the page and subsequently stumbling into another passenger? Totally not worth it. Yet, you’ve probably done it. If you’ve read on the train, I’ll bet you’ve also:

1. Used a book to stifle a cough or a sneeze. Sometimes literary = sanitary.

2. Felt like someone is silently judging your book choice and become immediately self-conscious. Should’ve just scrolled through Instagram.

3. Silently judged other people for just scrolling through Instagram. Don’t you people READ???

4. Dropped a bookmark while a bunch of people are exiting the train and just left it there. We’ve all seen the stampede in The Lion King.

5. Finished a book. And been like, what am I supposed to do now?

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6. Quit on a book. And been like, what am I supposed to do now?

7. Burst out crying. Bawl.

8. Burst out laughing. Lawl.

9. Been delayed or stuck underground and watched everyone get really impatient while you just read your book and didn’t worry about it at all. Because I’m suuuper chill.

10. Been so tired, distracted, or hungry that you don’t have the energy to actually read so you just kept skimming the jacket material and author page. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO READ WHEN I’M HANGRY?????

11. Taken a photo of a funny passage to send to a friend. ‘Cause my memes are LIT(erary)!!! (Sorry about that one.)

12. Seen someone reading the same book as I am. Let the rom-com begin.

13. Looked around and hoped to make eye contact with someone peering over the pages of their book and so we can fall in love. Srsly WHERE IS MY ROM COM???

14. Hoped I get candidly snapped and posted on Hot Dudes Reading. Oh wait, that’s just me? Well a boy can dream, can’t he?

15. Been so engulfed in a book that I completed my commute in seemingly impossible time. In other words, soooo glad I don’t have a car.

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