The Last Secret by Mary McGarry Morris

Reviewers and readers agree that Mary McGarry Morris is a master storyteller:

“[I]ncredibly exciting.” —Ron Charles, The Washington Post
“[A] chilling psychological twist.” —Parade
“[An] engrossing page-turner.” —Wisconsin State Journal
“[A] shocking series of twists and turns.” —Feminist Review
“[A] memorable, cinematic novel.” —Library Journal

You may know Mary McGarry Morris from her novel Songs in Ordinary Time, which was an Oprah Book Club selection and a CBS television movie. In her newest novel, The Last Secret, she explores the riveting story of Nora Hammond, a woman blessed with the perfect life: a charming husband, two bright teenage children, a successful career in the family’s newspaper business, and an esteemed role in the charity work of her New England town. But Nora’s comfortable existence threatens to unravel when she learns of her husband’s longtime affair–and when the specter of a sordid incident from her youth returns with terrifying force.

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KIRA WALTON has been stalking books all her life as a college English teacher, bookseller, book club consultant, author, and editor.

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