The Best Book-Themed Weddings

Here are 10 ways to incorporate literature into your happily ever after.

For couples who love literature, there’s nothing more romantic than a literary wedding. And there are so many ways to incorporate books into your wedding! From over-the-top fantasy weddings with guests in full costume, to vintage weddings with a few literary details, these couples will inspire you as you create your own love story.

This couple who created a magical Harry Potter-themed wedding.

They got married at an old manor in Manchester, gave 130 handmade wands to their guests as wedding favors, had a reading from The Order of the Phoenix in their wedding ceremony, and made her bouquet from actual pages of Harry Potter books. (via Buzzfeed)

This couple who got straight to the point and had their wedding in a library.

The Boston Public Library made a beautiful reception venue. (via Style Me Pretty)

This couple who gave used books as wedding favors at their adorable vintage wedding.

Such a personal touch! (Via

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This couple who converted old novels into planters for their literary wedding.

They also sent out library-themed wedding invitations, and had an escort board made of library cards. (via Confetti Daydreams)

This couple who crafted their own Jane Austen-inspired autumn wedding.

James proposed to Sarah on a walk around Jane Austen’s home. Their wedding featured an ethereal dress, men in three-piece suits, a homemade cake, and photo-booth ready life-sized cutouts of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. (via Love My Dress)

This couple’s whimsical wedding inspired by The Lord of the Rings and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Whimsical dresses, lush bouquets, movie soundtrack ceremony music, and LoTR-inspired reception tables completed this fantasy wedding. (via Offbeat Bride)

Not to be outdone by this couple’s legit Middle Earth wedding officiated by Gandalf.

The guests all came dressed as elves, hobbits, and the race of men, so yeah, you’re going to want to see more photos. (via Offbeat Bride)

Or maybe you’re more of an F. Scott Fitzgerald fan, in which case you’ll have to check out this couple’s Great Gatsby themed wedding.

The bride DIY-ed quite a lot of the glamour for their twenties bash. (via Wedding Chicks)

If you’re planning a literary wedding, make sure you have books on hand for your photo shoot like this couple!

This photographer opted for a shoot with a real couple instead of models. So cute! (via Boho Weddings)

And finally, this sweet couple who made an archway of books the focal point of their wedding.

Love (and books!) are all you need. (via Pretty My Party)

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