• The cover of the book Someone Knows

    Someone Knows

    Twenty years ago, a seemingly innocuous prank turned deadly, upending the lives of Allie Garvey and her friends. They’ve held onto the secret—and dealt with its consequences—for all this time. Now Allie, long haunted by the events of that night, is determined to get to the truth, no matter the cost.

  • The cover of the book The Paris Diversion

    The Paris Diversion

    American expat Kate Moore has once again settled into her seemingly normal life in Paris. Her days are filled with play-dates, her kids’ school, and her usual shopping rounds. She also happens to run a clandestine team of covert operatives. When a terrorist plot threatens Paris, her two worlds come dangerously close to colliding.

  • The cover of the book Metropolis


    The late Philip Kerr completed Metropolis shortly before his untimely death and it represents the capstone for Kerr’s sardonic German detective, Bernhard Genther. Serving as an origin of sorts, the novel sees Gunther begin his tenure on the Berlin Murder Squad against the powder keg backdrop of Berlin in 1928. A killer is on the loose, taunting the police and leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. This is the case that will forever define Gunther’s career and it is a fitting final adventure for the beloved detective.

  • The cover of the book Neon Prey

    Neon Prey

    John Sandford’s latest sees U.S. Marshal Lucas Davenport on the hunt for a small-time criminal named Clayton Deese, a small fish that the Marshal plans to use to reel in Deese’s much bigger boss. When Deese’s trail leads Davenport into a jungle full of graves in rural Lousiana, Davenport is forced to turn his attention to a ruthless serial killer who’s apparently been operating under the radar for years.

  • The cover of the book The Big Kahuna

    The Big Kahuna

    What do a stoner, an Instagram model, and a Czech oligarch have in common? They’re at the center of a missing persons case that could possibly be a murder and it’s definitely the most bizarre case Kate O’Hare and Nick Fox have ever seen. Oh, and there’s also a missing unicorn.

  • The cover of the book High White Sun

    High White Sun

    Sheriff Stanford Ross is dead and former deputy Chris Cherry is now the law in Big Bend Country. However, the infamous lawman casts a long shadow over the corrupt department Chris is now in charge of. As he tries to clean up the department and face down a town that doesn’t do well with change, Chris and his new deputies find themselves pulled into a nearly twenty-year vendetta that’s threatening to swallow Big Bend whole.

  • The cover of the book The Good Sister

    The Good Sister

    Martha and Becky Blackwater are as close as sisters can possibly be—best friends, confidants, lifelines for one another. When Becky steps in to babysit her niece, Layla, the sisters find themselves growing closer than ever. Then an unthinkable tragedy strikes and Becky is charged with murder. Despite the odds, Martha stands by her sister, but can their relationship survive the strain and the secrets they’ve each been harboring?

  • The cover of the book Her Daughter's Mother

    Her Daughter's Mother

    Lana Stone intended to do nothing more than watch Katya, her “anonymous” egg donor, from a distance and hopefully learn more about the girl. When the two are unexpectedly brought face-to-face, an unlikely friendship forms. However, when Katya suddenly disappears, Lana is a prime suspect. Desperate to locate Katya—and potentially clear her own name—Lana is unprepared for the secrets buried in Katya’s past and what they could mean for the life Lana is trying to build.

  • The cover of the book The Night Window

    The Night Window

    A vast conspiracy has taken virtually everything Jane Hawk holds dear and forced her on the run. Now, the ex-agent is ready to take the fight to the shadowy cabal that has ruined her life. In the explosive climax to his latest trilogy, Dean Koontz is at the top of his game as he turns Jane from the hunted to the hunter. Her edge-of-your-seat adventure to its twist-laden, unforgettable conclusion will leave you gripping the sides of the book until your knuckles turn white.

  • The cover of the book The Rumor

    The Rumor

    It began as nothing more than an outlandish rumor—a notorious killer released from prison after a brutal crime is living under a new identity in Joanna’s sleepy seaside town. But, who could it be? She’s soon spiraling into obsession, paranoia, and fear, on the cusp of losing everything she loves. And she may now be in the crosshairs of the remorseless killer.

  • The cover of the book Disappearing Earth

    Disappearing Earth

    On the northeastern edge of Russia, two young girls go missing. The ensuing investigation turns up nothing and months later, the authorities are no closer to discovering what happened to the girls. Disappearing Earth paints a haunting portrait of a small community where long-simmering social and ethnic tensions are suddenly fanned by an inexplicable tragedy.

  • The cover of the book The Body Lies

    The Body Lies

    When a young writer accepts a job at a university in the English countryside, she fully expects a fresh start away from the London streets that were the scene of a violent assault she wants to forget. However, when a student begins turning in stories that blur the line between truth and fiction—stories where the professor herself is the main character on track for a horrific fate—she’s soon caught up in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with decidedly deadly stakes.

  • The cover of the book Confessions of an Innocent Man

    Confessions of an Innocent Man

    Rafael Zhettah’s life could not be more perfect. He’s the owner and chef of Houston’s hottest restaurant and recently married to a beautiful billionaire philanthropist. When his wife is discovered brutally murdered in their home, Rafael is quickly convicted and placed on death row. Freed at the last possible moment, Rafael is now out for justice against the people, and the system, that stole everything from him.

  • The cover of the book Delta-v


    In this near-future techno-thriller, a charismatic billionaire pulls together a team of adventurers for the first deep space mining operation. The novel centers around cave diver James Tighe who joins the team of ex-soldiers, astronauts, and mountain climbers for a perilous mission that could alter the civilization as we know it—assuming they survive to pull it off.

  • The cover of the book The Perfect Plan

    The Perfect Plan

    This tense, twisting thriller sees brother Liam and Drew forced to confront the thin veneer of their past and the dark secrets it hid. Early one morning, Liam snaps and kidnaps a young woman who works for his seemingly perfect brother. Liam is now on the wrong side of the law and at the bottom of a long and vicious spiral. However, nothing is quite as it seems and a devastating secret could threaten the lives of both brothers is no longer under wraps.

  • The cover of the book Gone Too Long

    Gone Too Long

    Two-time Edgar-winning author Lori Roy pulls readers in for a winding tale of two women inexorably caught up in a century’s worth of violence and hatred. Imogene Coulter has spent years trying to distance herself from father’s past with the Klan. Forced to clean out his apparent hideout after his death, she discovers a child—one who went missing ten years earlier—abandoned but alive, locked in a basement room. Now, Imogene is left to uncover the twisted secrets her father left behind, but they are secrets the Klan intends to keep buried whatever the cost.

  • The cover of the book Who Slays the Wicked

    Who Slays the Wicked

    When young Lord Ashworth is found brutally murdered, Sebastian St. Cyr is called to the scene of the horrifying crime. Sebastian has long suspected Ashworth in a string of kidnappings and murder, but he lacks proof, in addition to the power to stop his niece from marrying the nobleman. When clues point to his niece as the killer, Sebastian is left in a race against time to unravel the nest of secrets that surround Ashworth in order to exonerate his niece.

  • The cover of the book The Missing Years

    The Missing Years

    Ailsa Calder has inherited half of a house in the Scottish Highlands. The other? That belongs to her father—a man who disappeared twenty-seven years ago. Joined by a half-sister who is virtually a stranger, Ailsa leaves London behind to settle the estate’s affairs. She can’t escape the feeling that house is hiding something dangerous and when a nighttime intruder arrives, her once ethereal fears suddenly feel all too real.

  • The cover of the book Those People

    Those People

    Lowland Way is an idyllic suburban community—beautiful houses, well-maintained yards, and friendly neighbors. Or at least it was until Darren and Jodie purchase a house on the corner. Their unsightly renovations, too-loud music, and junked up front yard leads to all-out war on the block. When a sudden horrific death rocks the street, accusations begin to fly and, all of a sudden, that picture-perfect suburban façade begins to slip.