• The cover of the book Royal Wedding: Harry & Meghan Paper Dolls

    Royal Wedding: Harry & Meghan Paper Dolls

    Can’t wait until the big day to imagine what Harry and Meghan will be wearing? This book has you covered with paper dolls of the bride and groom, including potential wedding outfits. You can even re-enact their whole whirlwind romance, as this book comes packed with outfits the two might have worn on dates together, as well as a paper version of the outfits they wore when announcing their engagement. Let your imagination run wild with this set, or use it as a centerpiece at your own royal wedding party.

  • The cover of the book Royals


    Marrying a royal can be a lot of work, but rarely do we think of the experience of the soon-to-be royal’s siblings. Daisy is an average American girl (with English parents) until her sister Ellie starts dating the Crown Prince of Scotland and they get engaged. Suddenly the paparazzi is following Daisy at home in Florida, and her family decides to send her to Scotland to learn how to become more regal. Not only does Daisy have to learn how to act like a royal, she also has to deal with her future brother-in-law’s crazy siblings and fake-date the intriguing but standoffish Miles, the son of a courtier.

  • The cover of the book The Crown: The Official Companion, Volume 1

    The Crown: The Official Companion, Volume 1

    If you’re interested at all in the royals, you’ve probably watched The Crown. The hit Netflix show gives a look into the inner workings of Queen Elizabeth’s life, starting not long before her coronation. The Crown: The Official Companion, Volume 1 gives viewers of the show the real story behind their favorite plotlines. In addition to learning the truth behind the acting, readers gain additional insight into the real lives of their beloved on-screen characters.

  • The cover of the book The Violet Bakery Cookbook

    The Violet Bakery Cookbook

    In March, we learned that Claire Ptak, the owner and head chef of Violet Cakes, would be making the royal wedding cake. While most of us might never get a chance to try the lemon elderflower cake she’ll be making for Harry and Meghan, we can use her recipes to make delicious treats of our own. This cookbook mixes traditional English favorites with a bit of flair, just like Claire—a California native living in London. I’ll definitely be using this book for inspiration for my royal wedding viewing party.

  • The cover of the book Diana


    Prince Harry’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, was beloved throughout the world for her humanitarian work and warm nature. Since her unexpected death in 1997, she’s only continued to captivate—some say Meghan Markle saw her as an inspiration for her own humanitarian efforts. In Diana, we can finally learn the true story behind the myth, with insight given from those who were closest to the down-to-earth princess.

  • The cover of the book Kings and Queens of England and Scotland

    Kings and Queens of England and Scotland

    Need a quick catch-up on who’s who in the royal families of England and Scotland? This book has you covered, with royal lineage dating back to the first Saxon king. Follow the family tree and learn about all the key events in each reign as you wait for one of the biggest events of our time: the end of Prince Harry’s bachelordom.