Readers Rave About The Birthday Present by Barbara Vine

birthday present

When we think of the staid traditions of Parliament, “adventure sex” doesn’t usually come to mind (but maybe in our world full of political scandal, it should). In The Birthday Present, Barbara Vine tells a compulsively readable story of obsessive desire and dark twists of fate.

Shelfari readers rave about The Birthday Present:

Susan K says “[The Birthday Present] is excellent . . . . [Vine’s] books are always a bit edgy.”

Shrek M explains that “I was very much absorbed throughout the story and keen on knowing how it was going to happen what was going to happen.”

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Cryonica believes that “the Jane character is fantastically well portrayed.”

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Do you prefer books by Ruth Rendell, or those written under her pseudonym Barbara Vine? There’s an interesting discussion about the author going on over at LibraryThing.

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BARBARA VINE is the author of such acclaimed novels as A Dark-Adapted Eye, Anna’s Book, Grasshopper, and The Blood Doctor. She has won many awards for literary accomplishment, including three Edgar Awards and four Gold Daggers.

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