Readers everywhere Rave about Stash by David Klein

All is not as it seems in David Klein's suburban debut.


Gwen Raine is a woman you will instantly recognize: an attractive, thirtyish stay-at-home mom who lives in the kind of tranquil suburban community where the wives spend their days ferrying the kids to and from school and music lessons and nature camps and where the husbands work long, grueling hours at stressful white-collar jobs in order to maintain the upscale standard of living to which the whole family has become all-too-accustomed. It’s a milieu in which everything seems to be right—yet so much can go wrong. This familiar yet tense situation is the backdrop for David Klein’s Stash.

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Below are some terrific reader reviews for David Klein’s debut novel Stash. Nothing makes us want to read a book more than another voracious reader saying “you’ll love it!”

Five-star reviews from BookBrowse First Impressions

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• “This read packs a punch from the beginning to the very end!” —Sharon S. (Stanley, N.C.)

• “[A] seamless plot-line that strikes at the myth of quiet, peaceful, and boring suburbia.” —James G. (Warwick, NY)

• “Wow! From the first page, I was hooked.” —Bill L. (Hilliard, OH)

• “Stash was extremely entertaining, fast-paced, and well-written. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” —Susan S. (Lafayette, CA)

• “I would recommend this for book clubs. The ending, in particular, would be good fodder for conversation.” —William B. (East Peoria, IL)

More five-star reviews from Amazon Vine Voice

• “The pages fly…lively, energetic, and easily accessible, but it is also thought provoking and ultimately bold.” —switterbug (Austin, TX)

• “I seriously finished this book in one day, and no, it’s not a quick read…it’s just THAT good!!” —M. Buehl “Informed Mama” (Northern CO)

• “Klein explores moral dilemmas without sermonizing.” —Jill Shtulman (Chicago, IL)

• “What an amazing debut!” —Book Lover

• “This book was quick to hook me.” —HighVoltageGirl (Orlando FL)

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DAVID KLEIN is a native of upstate New York whose short fiction has appeared in a variety of literary magazines. He owns and operates a marketing communications firm in Delmar, New York, where he lives with his wife and two children. Klein is at work on a second novel.

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