Readers Love Wedlock by Wendy Moore

Our friends over at goodreads love Wedlock. Find out why here.

Mary Eleanor Bowes, Countess of Strathmore, makes even the most shocking story of today’s socialites look tame by comparison. A favorite of book groups and historical fiction fans alike, Wedlock is the true story of the disastrous marriage and remarkable divorce of one of 18th-century England’s richest, most free-wheeling heiresses.

GoodReads reviewers love Wedlock:

Jean Godwin Carroll recommends Wedlock for fans of Fans of Phillipa Gregory and says the novel serves as “a reminder that women previously had zero rights afforded to them by law during that time.”

Georgiana says Wedlock is “Entertaining and informative, a combination not often found in historical works about upper-crust Brits.”

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Jennifer declares, “Truth is stranger that fiction, indeed!”

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WENDY MOORE is a writer and journalist specializing in health and medical topics. She has a diploma in the History of Medicine from the Society of Apothecaries. The Knife Man is her first book.

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