• The cover of the book Unmarriageable


    This funny take on Pride and Prejudice will make readers laugh out loud. Follow the adventures of Mrs. Binat, who receives word that her prominent position in Pakistani high society has been threatened by a vicious rumor. To win back her family’s name, she decides that the best way for the family to be redeemed is by marrying off all five of her daughters. But not all of her daughters are willing to go along with the plan…

  • The cover of the book Ayesha At Last

    Ayesha At Last

    Ayesha Shamsi is working as a substitute teacher so she can pay off debts while also fending off her mother’s hints that it’s time to get married. Her dream is to be poet, but money is tight. Khalid is her attractive neighbor whose mother is pressuring him to agree to an arranged marriage. Ayesha finds Khalid handsome, but his conservative and judgmental manner means that she cannot stand to be around him. Will they find a way to fall in love?

  • The cover of the book The Season

    The Season

    Megan McNight’s passion is soccer, and her goal is to play for the American Olympic team. But her Southern-belle mother would prefer to see her daughter married. When Mrs. McNight enters Megan into the debutante season, Megan must learn how to waltz, along with other “social graces,” before her first debutante party. The young woman who can make a ball dance on the field can’t seem to find her footing on the dance floor, and her misadventures are comedic gold.

  • The cover of the book Eligible


    The five modern Bennett sisters include Liz, a magazine writer in New York City, and Jane, a yoga instructor. But when a family emergency calls them home, they both find that their Cincinnati house is crumbling into disrepair. The younger sisters have stayed behind but don’t seem to have found their life paths. When the girls’ mother decides that all five of them need to get married—and in time for Jane’s 40th birthday—chaos ensues.

  • The cover of the book Longbourn


    The servants who work for the Bennett family are given their stories in Baker’s retelling. Sarah has been orphaned, and she works as a housemaid for the family. When James Smith is hired as a new footman, Sarah’s first impressions of him convince her that they have nothing in common. In a world where upper -class women’s lives are restricted, what of those women who serve them? Can Sarah negotiate a spot of independence for herself? And how does her story mirror that of Lizzie Bennett?

  • The cover of the book Death Comes to Pemberley

    Death Comes to Pemberley

    P.D. James gave mystery lovers years of fabulous stories. Here, she imagines a mystery strikingly close to the home of Darcy and Elizabeth, six years after their marriage. On the eve of a party they’ve been planning for a long time, the couple is hit with a major surprise. Lydia, Elizabeth’s sister, arrives in a panicked state because she believes her husband has been murdered, and she throws the entire Pemberley household into disarray.

  • The cover of the book Dear Mr. Darcy

    Dear Mr. Darcy

    Elizabeth Bennett is well-known to Austen fans, but what do you know about Fitzwilliam Darcy’s story? In Amanda Grange’s reimagining, she tells the events of the novel in the voice of Darcy, who recounts his life leading up to his fated encounter with Elizabeth. The death of his father and the responsibilities of his estate foist responsibility upon him at an early age. But Elizabeth’s free spirit inspires in him new desires.

  • The cover of the book First Impressions

    First Impressions

    Sophie Collingwood is an Austen enthusiast and a lover of books. When she comes across a rare book that casts doubt about who really wrote Pride and Prejudice, her investigation will lead to threats against her life. Further complicating matters is Sophie’s complex romantic issues. As she sorts through her own love life and reads more about Jane Austen’s remarkable history, she begins to piece together a literary puzzle.

  • The cover of the book Pride, Prejudice and Poison

    Pride, Prejudice and Poison

    The local Jane Austen Society meets in Erin Coleridge’s Yorkshire bookstore. The most recent meeting has led to hard feelings, and after the groups breaks for tea and refreshment, a body is discovered. Sylvia Pemberthy has been murdered. But who would want the president of the Society dead? When Detective Inspector Peter Hadley and Sergeant Rashid Jarral show up, Erin takes the lead in assisting their investigation.